Cora explains why he was so hard on E-Rod after Monday's spring outing

John Tomase
March 05, 2019 - 3:00 pm

Eduardo Rodriguez's final line on Monday looked decent -- two scoreless innings, two strikeouts. But Red Sox manager Alex Cora saw something else, which is why he laid into Rodriguez after the game.

Cora criticized Rodriguez for falling behind in the count and not attacking hitters, which has been a theme throughout his career. On Tuesday in West Palm Beach, the manager explained why he was so pointed.

"I'll say one thing about Eduardo yesterday, that's what we want for him," Cora told reporters, including's Rob Bradford. "He knows it, he knows what I expect out of him, what we want, stuff-wise, he's amazing. You ask the other guys about him. They want that stuff. It's just a matter of him, and keep pushing him. You push guys in different way. He knows I'm going to be hard on him because I know the ceiling. This guy, he's a stud."

Rodriguez has been one of the stories of camp, with fellow starters gathering to watch his bullpens and teammates and coaches gushing over his pure stuff.

But Rodriguez has struggled to pitch deep into games despite his impressive arsenal, and Cora wants to make sure he hears the lesson loud and clear: "I'll keep pushing him to be great."