Kevin Durant

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Big Baby Davis thinks Kevin Durant will sign with Celtics this summer

John Tomase
November 14, 2018 - 2:14 pm

Some stories are too stupid to ignore, dear readers. This is one of them.

Glen “Big Baby” Davis, one half of Shrek and Donkey during the 2010 NBA Finals, is convinced that Kevin Durant intends to sign with the Celtics this summer. Our source for this knowledge? The comments section of a tweet.

Thanks to WBZ’s Adam Kaufman for pointing this out and NBC Sports Boston’s Darren Hartwell for transcribing it so I didn’t have to, but it turns out Davis really believes Durant is headed for Boston, particularly in the wake of a confrontation that earned teammate Draymond Green a suspension.

"Guys think about it," Davis wrote. "For real listen to what kd said earlier about Boston and (their) team and how they are a tough match for the warriors. Plus who talks about money at this time during the season. Then also uncle drew (Kyrie Irving) said 2 weeks ago saying I need a 15 year vet. It's coming together for sure now. Especially seeing this fallout in the second half of that clippers game. The warriors will handle business this year but kd leaving. Cause believe it or not the lakers are coming and kd doesn't want no part of Lebron when he's full throttle."

Durant has a $31.5 million player option for next season, but is widely expected to decline it and become a free agent. He has openly feuded with Green recently and during one of those arguments in a loss to the Clippers on Monday appeared to be caught mouthing the words, “That’s why I’m out.”

The Celtics were finalists for Durant’s services the last time he hit the market and Danny Ainge would undoubtedly find a way to enter the bidding again.

The stupid part of the story is basing this news on Big Baby in the comments section, but welcome to journalism in 2018. You’re welcome.