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Indy columnists savage Josh McDaniels for spurning Colts, label him fraud and 'selfish jerk'

John Tomase
February 07, 2018 - 8:55 am

Josh McDaniels spurned the Colts at the 11th hour and the reaction in Indianapolis has been hostile, to say the least.

Columnists Gregg Doyel and Bob Kravitz -- no strangers to Patriots fans in the wake of Deflategate -- unloaded on McDaniels after he decided to remain in New England.

Writing in the Indy Star, Doyel blasted McDaniels as "a punk and a loser" and congratulated the Colts on not making the mistake of being stuck with him as head coach.

"Imagine, knowing what we know right now, infecting this franchise with that fraud," Doyel wrote in a screed that's worth your time. "And make no mistake: He's one of the biggest frauds in the NFL. He confirmed it Tuesday night. After agreeing three weeks ago to terms with the Colts to become their next coach, after hiring multiple members of his coaching staff, after arranging to fly Wednesday morning from Boston to Indianapolis on Jim Irsay's jet to be introduced at an afternoon news conference, Josh McDaniels backed out."

Kravitz, for his part, labeled McDaniels something beyond "sleazy," "duplicitous," and "fraudulent" in a column posted at WTHR.

"I've seen some low-down dirty deeds in sports, seen coaches back out of commitments to take a head coaching job – Billy Donovan in Orlando comes to mind, as does Bill Belichick quitting the Jets on the day he was to be introduced – but this one, this shameless and destructive move, this one is in a grimy category all its own," he wrote.

Those who enjoy seeing misery inflicted upon the Colts should peruse both pieces at your leisure.