Josh Gordon

Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports

Josh Gordon speaks: 'I have no doubt I can take advantage of this opportunity'

John Tomase
September 30, 2018 - 4:44 pm

Josh Gordon made his Patriots debut on Sunday with two catches for 32 yards in a blowout win over the Dolphins. Then in some brief postgame comments, he finally addressed his arrival in New England.

His message: I can't screw up this time.

"I have no doubt I can take advantage of this opportunity," Gordon told reporters in Foxboro during a press conference limited to three questions. "I'm more than blessed. I'm extremely grateful to be put in this scenario. I think the only thing right for me to do is to take full advantage of it. I'm loving it, I'm enjoying it, the guys here are great, it's a real home environment. I feel as comfortable as ever. It's awesome."

Gordon missed his first game with the team last week while recovering from a hamstring strain. He started on Sunday as a regular part of the offense, and caught a key 13-yarder on third down in traffic to set up first-and-goal on the team's opening drive. He later took a catch-and-run 19 yards, receiving congratulations from quarterback Tom Brady in the process.

"It's awesome just catching a pass from Tom at any point in time," Gordon said. "He's been rooting for me. It's been awesome to have his support and his love, as well as the rest of the teammates and staff here. Tom's a passionate guy and I love that. I love the game of football and I think we're going to mesh just fine."

Gordon briefly discussed the lead-up to the game and the efforts it took to get him on the field. He hopes it's just the start of something much bigger after arriving from Cleveland, where his career had been marred by suspensions and repeated violations of the league's substance-abuse policy.

"It took a lot of effort and time and work put in studying," he said.  All around just concerted effort from the training staff and what I could do on my end to try to make it work. It was an awesome experience and I really enjoyed it from my end. It's a great opportunity."