Ryan Brasier

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Watch: Kay Hanley sings amazing, hilarious ode to Ryan Brasier called "Get the (bleep) in the box" (NSFW language, obviously)

John Tomase
October 07, 2018 - 12:39 pm

Letters to Cleo frontwoman and Dorchester native Kay Hanley was issued a challenge on Twitter on Saturday night after noting that Ryan Brasier's exhortation to Gary Sanchez to, "Get the (bleep) in the box," was her, "new favorite euphemism for everything."

The challenge? Write a song about it. Hanley delivered a hilariously tender, lilting, foul-mouthed ode to Brasier that you should just watch for yourself. (Just be aware of some nasty language, obviously).

Her inspiration was Brasier's frustration in the fifth inning of Saturday's 6-2 loss to the Yankess in Game 2 of the American League Division Series. When Sanchez stepped out three straight times with an 0-2 count, Brasier angrily gestured him back to the plate while sharing the aforementioned choice words. He blew away Sanchez on the next pitch, though Sanchez got the last laugh with a pair of home runs off other Red Sox pitchers.

By the way, Letters to Cleo, the '90s rockers who brought us "Here and Now" and an underrated cover of "Dangerous Type" by the Cars, among other hits, will be playing a pair of homecoming shows in Boston at the Paradise next month. We can only hope this makes the setlist.