Kyrie Irving

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Kyrie Irving explains why he won't sign an extension with Celtics this summer

John Tomase
June 12, 2018 - 4:52 pm

Kyrie Irving isn't interested in signing an extension with the Boston Celtics this summer, but that's not exactly news.

Speaking to reporters in Waltham on Tuesday, Irving shook his head and answered quickly when asked if his recent knee surgery had changed his thinking about signing an extension a year before he could opt out of his deal and enter unrestricted free agency in 2019.

"No," he said. "Contractually and financially, it just wouldn't make any sense."

Thanks to the league's collective bargaining agreement, any extension Irving signed this summer would represent a huge bargain for the Celtics.

Because the Celtics are over the cap, Irving can only sign for 120 percent of what he's making now, which is just over $20 million. He'd be limited to a four-year deal starting at roughly $24 million, with annual eight percent raises pushing the total package to a shade over $108 million, as noted by Brian Robb at Boston Sports Journal.

If he waits until free agency next year, however, and then maxes out with the Celtics (the only team that can offer him a 5-year deal), he'd be in line to make $190 million.

So for all the long-term questions about Irving's future, turning down an extension now shouldn't upset anyone. It's just good business on his part.

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