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Woj doesn't see Kyrie Irving leaving Celtics: 'I still would take Boston against rest of field'

John Tomase
August 28, 2018 - 10:00 am

Adrian Wojnarowski is the most plugged-in NBA writer alive. And he doesn't think Kyrie Irving is going anywhere.

Speaking on his podcast, the ESPN writer laid out the case for Irving to stay put in free agency next summer and remain in Boston.

"I still would take Boston against the rest of the field," Wojnarowski said, as transcribed by The Big Lead. "I still think in the end there comes a moment of truth when you look around, and you have to make a decision about somewhere else. And when you really start inspecting the questions that are in almost any other circumstance he would go to, you would say: 'Boy, it's pretty good here.' … I still think it is going to be really hard to walk away from this."

One complicating factor is Irving's longtime friend, Jimmy Butler, will also be a free agent. Wojnarowski notes that if the Timberwolves fear they'll lose Butler in free agency, they'll have to consider moving him during the season. Because of the Celtics' salary cap situation, the odds of Butler joining Irving here are virtually nonexistent.

Anyway, give the entire podcast a listen.