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Kyrie Irving noncommittal when asked about staying with Celtics long-term

John Tomase
June 08, 2018 - 11:56 pm

There are rumors that Kyrie Irving might jump ship after next season and leave Boston, and he didn't exactly dispel them in an interview with the New York Times on Friday.

Culture reporter Sopan Deb tweeted an exchange about Irving's future that didn't make his story in advance of the Uncle Drew movie, but was probably of most relevance to Celtics fans.

"Do you look at the Celtics as a long-term destination for you? Or are you taking it year-by-year?" Deb asked.

"Well, I mean I know that question is going to come up a lot over the next year, just based upon where my deal is," Irving responded. "And, you know, that time will arise and when it does, I think I'll have a better, clear, concise answer for a lot of people that are going to ask. Yeah, I just have to take it as being present with the Boston Celtics. You know, and just going into this year with the mindset of trying to win a championship."

In fairness, Irving's often inscrutable in interviews. He's big on being present and sparking debate and asking questions and speaking rhetorically, and there's a lot of time between now and next summer, when Irving can decline his player option for 2019 and become a free agent.

But if the Celtics believe he's planning to leave next summer -- the Knicks have come up -- then maybe this won't be such a quiet offseason after all.