Tom Brady

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Tom Brady hopes his new helmet makes him look younger and faster

John Tomase
August 22, 2018 - 3:38 pm

You may think Tom Brady's new helmet looks weird. The Patriots quarterback only cares that it makes him look something else.

"I asked the guys, I said, 'Do I look any younger or faster in it?'" Brady told reporters on Wednesday. "They said yes so I feel like I might keep it."

The NFL plans to phase out Brady's old Riddell helmet next season for safety reasons, but he has the option to continue wearing it. However, he's warming to the new model.

"It's probably why I've never switched because it was always a little different than what I was used to," Brady said. "But they made it pretty good so it's actually – I think there's still a few little tweaks I'd like, but for the most part it's really comfortable."

He was asked about the facemask and whether it alters his line of sight.

"You've seen something a certain way for a long period of time so I like as much vision as possible with the peripheral vision," Brady told reporters. "It's all important, it all matters so yeah, just making sure it's kind of similar to what the experience has always been. Like I said, there's still some tweaks to go and I'm working it out. But overall, hopefully the helmet provides more protection and I'm able to – I've been wearing a very old helmet for a long period of time but it's worked pretty well, too, so that's why I haven't been – I've been a little hesitant to change."

It's important that Brady survey a defense without turning his head.

"Yeah definitely," Brady said. "There's got to obviously be some protection over here because fingers can get, you know. It hasn't happened too often in my career but I've had a few hands get through the mask a little bit and typically quarterbacks have much more open, like receivers probably do, with the vision. Yeah, I mean, the more you can have the better. It's not quite going to be like the old Sean Landeta punter one where you had the one bar, but it provides enough. But I really like it. It's been a good transition, smooth transition, which is all I could ask for."