Ben Cherington

Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington defends Hanley Ramirez, John Farrell, doesn't anticipate 'major' trade

John Tomase
June 05, 2015 - 3:24 pm

Ben Cherington is riding with this roster. The Red Sox general manager met the media in the dugout before Friday night's game with the A's, and he made a number of points abundantly clear. Manager John Farrell isn't going anywhere. Embattled slugger Hanley Ramirez is the team's left fielder.  The Red Sox have the talent to win the American League East, so no major trades are in the offing. "I can still see a team that's capable of winning the division," Cherington said. "So yeah, I'm confident we're going to play better. We have to improve in some areas." One of the main ones is left field, where Ramirez's atrocious defense has negated his 12 home runs. "He's our left fielder," Cherington said. "Look, if you go back '€¦ examples of teams where you're not going to get great defense out of every single spot. You can win with that if you're doing well enough in enough other areas. I just think focusing on any one single aspect of what's going on is not helping us. I understand why you're asking the question, maybe it's something you guys feel the need to be focused on but it's not helping us find a way to get better so we've got to look at every area and then with every area find a way to improve." Cherington said Ramirez has shown "courage" in making the switch after signing an $88 million contract this winter to move off of shortstop. "Here's a guy who was an elite player at one position for a long time in this league and wanted so badly to be in Boston that in my mind he had the courage to come here and change positions," Cherington said. "And has worked at it. As John Farrell has said, yeah, it's a work in progress, but I have respect for what he's trying to do because it's reflected how much he wanted to be here and be a part of this." Cherington also said that the team's struggles aren't on manager John Farrell. "I don't think it's John Farrell's fault," he said. "Ultimately it's my responsibility. I'm the GM, I'm at the top of the baseball operations department at least. The performance of the major league team ultimately is on me. If it's not performing it's my responsibility to try and find a way to make it better and that's what were trying to do." Just don't expect a blockbuster trade anytime soon. "I believe in what we can be," Cherington said. "That doesn't mean you're patient. We've got to have some urgency to get better. There are all sorts of ways for that urgency to manifest. It doesn't necessarily mean there's a major move or anything. I think we have to have urgency but we still believe in the team."