Ben Cherington

Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington: 'I assume going forward I'll have a boss'

John Tomase
August 06, 2015 - 3:53 pm

NEW YORK -- Ben Cherington expects to have a boss next year. The Red Sox general manager understands that change could be coming to the front office this winter after two straight disappointing seasons. With president Larry Lucchino stepping down, an outside executive could join the organization to oversee baseball operations. Cherington sounded OK with that possibility before Thursday night's series finale against the Yankees. "I've always reported to someone," Cherington said. "I've reported to a boss, and that's been Larry. I assume going forward I'll have a boss." As for whom it might be, Cherington has no idea. Former Tigers president Dave Dombrowski has been mentioned as one candidate, though it's unclear if the Red Sox plan to even meet with him following his ouster this week. "I'm sure John [Henry], Tom [Werner] and Mike [Gordon] and others will do what they feel is best for the Red Sox," Cherington said. "I've always felt like the Red Sox benefited -- and baseball operations benefits -- from strong senior leadership. That's good for baseball operations. Larry has been in that role. We'll have to just wait and see what exact structural changes there are." Cherington's a realist. "Everybody has got a boss," he said. "Unless you're the owner, everybody has got a boss. That relationship is important." Cherington addressed a number of other topics as well. * On current front office configuration: "Baseball operations is very much part of and embedded into the rest of the company," Cherington said. "It is anywhere to some degree, but more so with the Red Sox. That's the way it should be. I don't think our basic structure in baseball operations is much different than most teams. There's a GM. There's assistant GMs. There's department heads. If there are ways to improve that, whether it's people or processes, that's what we have to get to. Larry's transition, there will definitely need to be some transition there in terms of the reporting structure above me." * Cherington doesn't believe the analytics/scouting ratio in the front office is skewed. "I think we've got a lot of good people in both areas," he said. * Left-hander Brian Johnson should be OK. Cherington said tests revealed no structural damage and he should heal with rest. He also expects him to throw again, "before too long." "No evidence that anything is going on with the ligament or that there would be anything other than conservative treatment called for at this time," Cherington said. * Cherington would like to find relievers who could potentially help next year. He's also not averse to trading veterans with expiring contracts (Mike Napoli, Alejandro De Aza) during the non-waiver trade deadline. * Pablo Sandoval will remain at third base the rest of the season. "He's the third baseman," Cherington said. "He's working hard and we're working hard with him to try and get the most out of the next two months, both sides of the ball, offensively and defensively, he's doing what he needs to do to be a part of that, too, so no changes there." * No decision has been made on whether prospect Yoan Moncada will be promoted from Low-A Greenville before the end of the season. Moncada might play winter ball, but he's unlikely to appear in the Arizona Fall League.