David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez

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Red Sox legends Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz want pitch clock before baseball gets boring

John Tomase
January 19, 2018 - 11:04 pm

Pedro Martinez was known for working quickly. David Ortiz took his time in the box.

Both are now on the same page: baseball needs a pitch clock.

The revelation hit Ortiz during his first year of retirement, when he became a baseball viewer instead of player. And even he can admit that the game moves too slowly.

"The game is turning a little boring because of the time," he told reporters at the team's winter weekend at Foxwoods. "Now that I'm on this side watching the game, I know. When you're watching a three- or four-hour game, it gets a little complicated. I think MLB needs to do whatever it takes to keep up with the pace of the game."

Martinez thinks a quicker pace makes for better play.

"If it were for someone like me, I would love the clock," he said. "I would love to have to work quick because I was ready and I was trying to work that way. Somehow, when I had my stuff, it was easier for me to attack you early, 1-2-3, and see what you were thinking or not allow you to think too much. For pitchers, they don't know it really, but it's a huge advantage to go out there quickly and execute your pitches. But you also have to take command of your rhythm and the things you do, because if not, things can go south relatively quick."

Ortiz railed against rules changes designed to keep hitters in the box when he played, though he doesn't quite remember it that way.

"I thought I was going to have problems adjusting myself to it, but I was fine with it," he said. "It's not like there's much time that you really need as a hitter, as a batter. But it's like when you're in the fire, you just want to keep up with the fire, you know what I'm saying? I don't think there's going to be any issues with it."

Both men recognize that the game needs a quicker pace if it wants to capture younger fans.

"The thing is, if you want to have the millennials watching the game, you definitely need to do something because this is the ADD that comes with this new generation," he said. "It's something that, time is going fast, you know what I'm saying?"