John Farrell

Red Sox manager John Farrell: Clubhouse has not 'run amok'

John Tomase
June 18, 2015 - 2:43 pm

John Farrell does not believe he has lost control. The Red Sox manager doused his latest brushfire by benching third baseman Pablo Sandoval for Thursday night's game against the Braves after Sandoval admitted to violating the league's policy prohibiting use of social media during games. But Farrell refuses to believe the incident paints a larger picture of inmates running the asylum. "The clubhouse is not one that has run amok," Farrell told reporters in Atlanta. "This is an incident that I believe is isolated, and like I said, my focus is to continue to do what we can to get better on the field each and every day." That said, Farrell was unhappy to discover that Sandoval had used his Instagram account during Wednesday's 5-2 loss to the Braves. "It's understood by all," he said. "Game time is to commit and devote yourself to the game and your teammates. Anything beyond that is taking away from what we're trying to do." Farrell said Sandoval will not be fined, though he left open the possibility of MLB taking action. "It's disappointing," Farrell said. "It's disappointing, because it's a rule that is known by all. It's very disappointing. It's not tolerable, and as a result, he's on the bench tonight." Farrell reiterated that the clubhouse is not crumbling. "No, I won't give in to that," he said. "We've had some things of late that have come up, that we've addressed head-on, and it's important that everyone take accountability for their actions. We're trying to work every day to get better, and that won't stop." Farrell acknowledged the last few weeks have probably been eye-opening for players new to Boston, like Sandoval, with last-place team under a microscope. "Those conversations are had even before the signing takes place," Farrell said. "You can outline, you can provide examples, you can talk through situations. But until they live it the first time, there'€™s a different reaction to it. That'€™s where their teammates are invaluable in sharing their experiences as they'€™ve gone through it prior to. It'€™s important that we stick together and work through this. "I understand the environment in which we work," Farrell added. "I understand that there's a lot of passion and currently a lot of frustration by many, and that includes our fans. I understand that. When situations arise, they're addressed head-on. But the same approach is applied every day, and that is, what are we doing daily to work at getting better? That's what I expect and I think that's what we demand from our players."