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Richard Jefferson thinks Celtics will beat Raptors if they meet in playoffs

John Tomase
December 05, 2018 - 11:12 am

The Celtics slow start, combined with Toronto racing out of the gates, has made Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors the runaway favorites in the Eastern Conference. At 20-5, Toronto owns the best record in the NBA.

But one-time NBA champion Richard Jefferson doesn’t believe the Raptors will beat the Celtics in a playoff series.

Appearing on FS1’s First Things First, Jefferson granted that Toronto would have the best player in the series in Leonard, but that the Celtics, “might have two through six.”

"Can you say Toronto can beat Boston if Kawhi Leonard has a 6-for-18 night?" he asked. "So you’re telling me that Kawhi is going to have to play great for four or five games to do that in a series against Boston, where anybody on Boston can have an off night and one of the other guys can go and have 25."

Jefferson also believes people are selling Celtics start Kyrie Irving short.

"Kyrie, on any given night, can be the best player in the NBA, not just the best player on that court,” Jefferson said, later adding, “Kawhi is great, but he's not KD great, he's not LeBron James great."