Sunday's forecast: Definitely cold, possibly snow, maybe a blizzard?

John Tomase
January 07, 2019 - 12:46 pm

The National Weather Service is so dismissive of this one outlier storm forecast, it plastered the word "NO" across the model in giant red letters. But a computer produced it and it's deliciously alarmist and who are we to question science so . . .



OK, so that's probably a tad strong. While Sunday's forecast for Foxboro during the Patriots-Chargers playoff game calls for temperatures in the 20s with a possibility of snow, it's worth noting that one model from the Global Forecast System (GFS) is predicting a blizzard.

Reputable meteorologists across Twitter question the wisdom of trying to predict such a large storm nearly a week before it arrives, and the NWS office in Norton effectively dismisses this particular forecast out of hand. "Don't trust models this far out," noted WBUR's David Epstein. "It's difficult enough forecasting storms inside of three to 5 days."

But what fun is that for the rest of us? All we know is the Chargers are coming to town from balmy Los Angeles after playing in fall-like low-50s temperatures on Sunday in Baltimore. If ever there'd be an equalizer favoring the Patriots, 16 inches of snow would be it.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and Mark Henderson's snowplow ready.