Tedy Bruschi and Tom Brady

Robert Deutsch/USA Today Sports

Tedy Bruschi really worried about Tom Brady's hand: 'Accuracy is everything to Tommy'

John Tomase
January 19, 2018 - 10:14 am

If you're unconvinced that Tom Brady's right hand injury could impact him during Sunday's AFC championship game against the Jaguars, don't take our word for it.

Listen to former Patriots great Tedy Bruschi.

Appearing alongside Elle Duncan on ESPN on Friday, Bruschi made his concerns clear.

"This is a quarterback on his right hand," he said. "t matters. It matters. If you can't grip the ball as firm as you want to, it matters. If you're wearing a splint on it right now, you have to wear a glove to hide it from the media, or you wear a glove on game day for extra grip, that's the only reason why quarterbacks wear gloves on their right hand. It's for grip. If he needs the grip, he needs a little help because his hand is a little bit off. If his hand is a little bit off, maybe his accuracy is a little bit off. Accuracy is everything to Tommy and the Patriots, the way he places the ball, the way he can get it in to (Rob) Gronkowski in tight windows, even though Telvin Smith or Jaylen Ramsey or whoever's on him. So it can be an issue."

Bruschi stared at his co-host for emphasis.

"It's his right hand, Elle," he said. "It's his right hand."