Terry Rozier

Winslow Townson/USA Today Sports

Terry Rozier knew he had made it big when Urkel recognized him

John Tomase
September 19, 2018 - 11:52 am

Every athlete has that moment when they know they've made the big time. For Terry Rozier it was being recognized by Steve Urkel of Family Matters fame.

Speaking to GQ for a lengthy profile that also explained the birth of the Scary Terry meme, Rozier relayed the celebrity encounter that told him his world had changed after last year's breakout performance in the playoffs. From the story:

Q. You were saying that you notice yourself getting recognized a lot more. Was there a moment where you had to pinch yourself: "Damn, I got recognized by that guy?"

A. Man, Urkel. We were out to eat in LA. He was with his bodyguards. He got up to leave and he tapped me. "You had a great year." Everybody knows who Steve Urkel is. That was nuts. It's been crazy all summer. People can take it two ways. They can either be satisfied or it can be a thing where, "I want this to happen forever." It's definitely humbling and it's a blessing. I want this to always be like this.

Urkel would be actor Jaleel White, who can play a little basketball in his own right, despite the chest-high pants and nerdy affectations of his most famous character. Family Matters aired from 1989-1997.