Tom Brady

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Tom Brady wanted actions, not words, and against Dolphins he got them

John Tomase
September 30, 2018 - 5:03 pm

Tom Brady was done talking. It was time to start acting, and on Sunday he got exactly what he wanted.

Facing the prospect of losing three straight games for the first time since 2002, Brady led the Patriots to a 38-7 blowout of the Dolphins and then stepped to the podium wearing a relieved smile. Unlike the previous two weeks, when a clearly frustrated Brady was left to dissect listless defeats to the Jaguars and Lions, this time he was back in familiar territory, praising a win.

"Obviously you can talk about it a lot, but it's what you do," Brady told reporters in Foxboro. "What you say is important, but what you do is more important. I think we've got to do more doing and less saying and just get the job done. We did a good job of that today. This team's 3-0. They played well. Big division game for us at home, and it was great for us to win it."

While it's hard to argue the Dolphins played well, there's no doubt the Patriots answered the bell with a 1-3 start and three-game division deficit on the line.

"We needed it," Brady said. He threw for 274 yards and three touchdowns, with an uncharacteristic pair of interceptions that did little to dampen New England's domination.

"We haven't played well the last two weeks," Brady said. "We talked about the things we need to do better, and we need to carry them over form week to week. This game's great, but you’ve got to turn the page once you learn from it, focus on the next game. You build on things you didn't do well. You understand what they did well and some other teams are going to see that too. It's a long process. It's a long season. We've only played four out of the 16. Hopefully we're a lot better in October than we were in September, and we're going to need it, because we face some good competition. This was one that we really talked about and tried to get on track and get off to a fast start and played from ahead. Most teams that play from ahead end up winning."

Brady wasn't pinpoint accurate, but he made big throws when needed, chief among them a 14-yard rainbow to James White that ended with Brady on his back, but raising his fist in celebration as the Pats took a 31-0 lead.

"I knew where he was running, and I knew I didn't have much time to wait for him to get there, so I just tried to flip it up there to the back corner, and right when I let it go, I thought, 'We've got a shot,'" Brady said. "I kind of looked under some legs and saw him put his arms up and make a great catch. It was pretty sweet. Those are fun ones."

This was a fun one for the team, but there's no rest for the Pats, who play again on Thursday against the Colts.

"Anytime you're not playing well, you've got to gain your confidence back," Brady said. "You get it from doing it and building trust in each other. Josh (McDaniels) talks about it a lot. Building one play and being in the right spot and learning from it. When those build up over the course of a practice and over the course of a week and into a game, I think everyone gains confidence. Today's a big one to build on. It's a short week. We've got a quick turnaround and got to go try to beat the Colts."