Tom Brady Sr. talks son's future, Nickell Robey-Coleman: 'Sometimes it's better to shut your mouth'

John Tomase
January 31, 2019 - 11:20 am

Tom Brady Sr. joined WEEI at Night on Wednesday with Meter and Tomase, and he addressed a host of topics in advance of Super Bowl LIII, including his son's future, how he keeps proving critics wrong, and why Nickell Robey-Coleman shouldn't have opened his mouth.

Here are some highlights (and check out the full audio here).

-- Robey-Coleman foolishly described Brady as showing his age in an interview with Bleacher Report before back-pedaling like Deion Sanders. Brady Sr. castigated him for giving the Patriots extra motivation they don't need.

"Sometimes it's better to shut your mouth, because it's not in anybody's best interest to give any of the Patriots bulletin-board material," Brady Sr. said. "When somebody comes off and wants to say something like that, they're just trying to make noise for themselves and bring attention to themselves. The Patriots don't need to do that, and I'm sure (Rams coach Sean) McVay was going to have a few choice words for him to chill. It has no bearing on anything, we don't get limited by somebody else's expectations. It kind of rolls off Tommy's back."

-- Brady has seemed ecstatic during this run, and it's real. His dad said the victory in Kansas City over the favored Chiefs in the AFC title game made Brady feel particularly proud.

"I think his demise has been anticipated and was kind of predicted when we went up against the young gun in Kansas City," Brady Sr. said. "And believe me, I think Patrick Mahomes is spectacular and is going to have a magnificent career, but they discounted, basically, Tommy's will to win."

-- Brady Sr. jokes that about 45 states hate the Patriots, but here they are again.

"Periodically we get knocked off, but generally it's one and done, whether it's Atlanta, or Jacksonville last year, or the Philadelphia Eagles last year, it's one and done," Brady Sr. said. "We're here 18 years. That means there have been 18 slots that the Super Bowl has been running in the course of Tommy's career, and we've gone to half of them. That means 15 teams in the AFC have had to share nine championships, and we've had nine championships ourselves. So I understand why they want us gone and that's fine and dandy. They can do all the wanting they desire to, but we kind of like going back to the Super Bowl, and we don't have any plans to shift seats with some other AFC teams in the near future."

-- There has been much speculation about how long Brady will play, with former teammate Rodney Harrison admitting he'd like to see Brady win one more and walk away with his health.

"I kind of have some mixed thoughts on that," Brady Sr. said. "My first, primary thought is he's had a great career and he could hang it up right now and I would be more than tickled to see his career completed. If that had happened two or three years ago, or five years ago, I would have felt the same.

"That being said, when you're kind of on top of your game, I don't know why anyone would want to step away. He's surrounded by the best coach ever and the best ownership group ever. I'm not sure why he'd step down and step off the throne with your teammates if you've got it all going.

"It's pretty nice -- what is this, five out of six years? Why not make it eight of nine, or whatever the future holds? I don't know that if you feel healthy and your wife is happy with you and you're happy with your life why you should step off because the calendar turns a particular year and says well you should get out because nobody has been there and done that. I think he's basically trying to fight off the ravages of age, and so far he's been able to and keep his competency level at a point where he's able to lead a team to a Super Bowl.

"When he can't do that anymore, that's fine and dandy. He'll know that."