Tony Romo predicts final score of Super Bowl LIII, but there's a catch

John Tomase
January 29, 2019 - 4:22 pm

Tony Romo is freaking Nostradamus when it comes to calling the plays about to be run by the Patriots, so of course we snap to attention when he makes a Super Bowl prediction.

And he gave us exactly that on Tuesday, right down to the final score, but he's missing an important piece of information -- the winner.

Per NESN's Zack Cox, here's what Romo had to say when asked how Patriots-Rams will unfold in Super Bowl LIII.

Hmmm. So a game that comes down to the last drive before the trailing team comes up just short? Sounds like a scenario that favors the Patriots and their veteran quarterback over the Rams and youngster Jared Goff.