Stephen Curry

Warriors guard Stephen Curry is a Red Sox fan, loves team's offseason 'splashes'

John Tomase
December 11, 2015 - 9:44 pm

Steph Curry became a Celtics fan on Friday after the scrappy C's gave his unbeaten Warriors everything they could handle, but he's been a Red Sox fan his entire life, and he loves their offseason. Speaking after the Warriors improved to 24-0 following a thrilling 124-119 victory in double overtime at TD Garden, Curry lauded the Red Sox for the moves he hopes will return the team to contention, including the acquisition of ace David Price and closer Craig Kimbrel. "We're making moves, and I know (the offseason) isn't over yet," he said after scoring 38 points. "But you've got to make splashes these days to stay competitive, and they're doing it. It's great." If you're wondering how Curry became a Red Sox fan, it dates to his childhood in Charlotte, as he explained in a 2011 interview at Fenway Park, where he was having his bachelor party. "Growing up, the closest team geographically was the Braves," he said. "But my brother (Seth) chose the Yankees when we were six or seven. I had to choose the opposite team. I chose the Red Sox and I've stuck with them ever since. It's a pretty cool thing between me and my brother." Curry, who grew up with former Red Sox reliever Daniel Bard (Curry was a freshman at Charlotte Christian when Bard was a senior), remains a Red Sox fan. During that 2011 visit to Fenway, he got autographs from David Ortiz, posed for pictures with Mike Cameron, and spent some time talking with Kevin Youkilis, taking in the sights at batting practice from the field. "I was just thinking about that today," said Curry, whose college roommate was a Sox fan from Falmouth, Maine. "We haven't been back to a game since. I'd love to get back there."