Kenyan Drake

Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports

Watch stunned Christian Fauria, Rob Ninkovich, Troy Brown react in hilariously foul-mouthed real time to Miami Miracle

John Tomase
December 11, 2018 - 10:16 am

New Englanders around the world reacted in stunned disbelief on Sunday when the Dolphins beat the Patriots on a 69-yard desperation hook-and-lateral touchdown by Kenyan Drake on the final play of regulation.

Cameras were rolling on a number of former Patriots as the play happened in real time, and their reactions are priceless.

Start with WEEI's very own Christian Fauria, who was watching at Patriot Place alongside CBS reporter Dan Roche when everything went to hell. Because Fauria had a live feed, he was able to warn fans -- and then obnoxiously record their horrified reaction -- a few seconds before groans filled the bar.

Then there were former Pats Rob Ninkovich and Troy Brown, who were watching on their NBC Boston set alongisde Tom E. Curran and Michael Holley. Their reactions were more appropriately expletive-laden, as you can see below.

(h/t to the Boston Globe's Andrew Mahoney for pulling these together.)