Jon Lester expected to be in uniform Wednesday

July 30, 2014 - 11:52 am

With the trade deadline almost 24 hours away, all eyes in Boston have turned to Red Sox southpaw Jon Lester. There's a growing consensus that Lester's time as a member of the Red Sox is coming to an end, as the lefty was scratched from his start Wednesday against Toronto. Speaking to WEEI's Dale & Holley, Red Sox manager John Farrell said that removing Lester from his outing was made in in order to help Lester cope with what has been a roller-coaster week for the left-hander. Pawtucket pitcher Brandon Workman, who's compiled a 1-3 record with a 4.13 ERA in 11 games (eight starts) with Boston this season, will start in place of Lester on Wednesday against the Blue Jays. "I think any player that has had their name attached to any kind of trade rumors, we've tried to be open and candid with them, and at the same time as the day wore on, we felt it was probably, as I mentioned last night, in the best interest of Jon and everyone involved that, let's take the uncertainty out of this as much as possible. We'll push his start back, we'll insert Brandon Workman, and that's where we are tonight," Farrell said. Farrell said the team has yet to make a roster move to make room for Brandon Workman, but he will presumably take the spot freed up by the trade of Felix Doubront to the Cubs. Farrell also added that Lester is expected to be in the Red Sox clubhouse and will be in uniform. While Farrell's decision to remove Lester from his start was seen as a surprising move, the Red Sox skipper added that he doesn't regret making the call a day in advance. "I don't know if it's been unprecedented or not, but I think we all felt internally, that it was important to be forthright," Farrell said. "We know there are a lot of talks surrounding Jon, and I know that Ben [Cherington] has received a number of calls on him and others, so he's weighing through that and Jon has been kept in the loop throughout all this. It's tough enough to go out there and pitch with a clear mind rather than wondering if you're going to be in uniform or not. So we made that decision ahead of time." While Farrell would not comment on whether or not Lester'€™s days in Boston are indeed numbered, he did acknowledge that losing a player like Lester would be a big blow to the Red Sox clubhouse. "I think with all due respect, hypotheticals are just that," Farrell said. "But I will say this: Anytime we spend so much time together as a team, as a group, it does take on some of the feeling of a family, and if a member of your family is removed, sure, that has an unsettling feel to it. "We also know that there's a business side to this and clearly it is Ben's and our intent to put together and build a team that can win as quickly as possible, and that may require some steps along the way. What we have to is take a step back from that and recognize that these are decisions that are going to have to be made. Some might not be the most popular on the surface, but what steps are taken are with direct intent, and that is to put together a team that is built to contend as quickly as possible."