Jonny Gomes on M&M: Thursday's comeback 'nothing but a team win'

August 02, 2013 - 9:02 am
Jonny Gomes checked in with Mut & Merloni on Friday afternoon, and the Red Sox left fielder '€” fresh off his game-tying base knock during a dramatic come-from-behind win Thursday night '€” was sure to clarify something about all the late-inning dramatics the Red Sox have enjoyed this season. '€œIt'€™s a lot more than walkoffs,'€ Gomes said. '€œYou can'€™t walk off if your pitchers don'€™t keep you in the game, then it goes to that. Then it goes to passing the torch in the ninth inning or the 15th inning, wherever you are, just battling to get on, then hustling around the pillows to score to win the game. '€œYou see some of these games that get into the late innings and get into the ninth, everyone kind of wants to be the hero and hit a homer. We haven'€™t had too many homer walkoffs, so it'€™s really been team [efforts]. It'€™s extremely hard to score [six] runs in any inning, let alone the bottom of the ninth when they all have to do is get three outs. For us to do that, that'€™s nothing but a team win.'€ Gomes found it funny that of all the things that happened during the Red Sox'€™ furious ninth-inning rally against the Mariners, so many people wanted to talk about a seemingly insignificant pitch '€” a 2-2 fastball that Gomes took for a very close ball three before his single up the middle. '€œThat'€™s what all the Boston writers wanted to talk about, I did MLB Network last night,'€ Gomes said. '€œWe scored [six] runs in the bottom of the ninth, and people want to talk about a 2-2 pitch to me that should'€™ve been a strike. Finally, we caught a break. [David Ortiz] had a ball at his neck that was called a strike, then at his ankle that was called a strike. In the Tampa series, [Daniel Nava] touched home before the ball touched him; he was safe. And we didn'€™t catch a break. I went back on the pitch tracker and it was a ball. The ump got it right, I got it right. I don'€™t know what the hangup was about that one pitch, but it worked out for us.'€ One of the more distinct visual elements of this Red Sox team is that a number of the players, Gomes among them, are growing lengthy beards. But apparently it'€™s not exactly a big topic of conversation. '€œIt'€™s kind of like 'Fight Club,' '€ Gomes said. '€œYou don'€™t talk about Fight Club, you just go to Fight Club. You don'€™t talk about the beard, you just grow the beard. '€¦ The beard hasn'€™t thrown or hit a slider all year. We still have to credit the players.'€ To listen to the interview, visit the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page. For more Red Sox news, visit