P.K. Subban

P.K. Subban 'rattled' by not getting Tom Brady's autograph?

Ken Laird
January 01, 2016 - 12:49 pm

Before the Bruins-Canadiens Winter Classic, Montreal defenseman P.K. Subban gushed about how much respect he had for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. After getting snubbed for an autograph during the Habs' visit to New England, it sounds like Subban's respect level for Brady has taken a plunge. The only Brady autograph sent to a Canadiens player went to their goalie, Massachusetts native Mike Condon. "Yeah, I'm a little rattled about that," Subban said after Montreal's 5-1 victory over the Bruins, possibly tongue-in-cheek. "But [Condon] is a hometown guy. I mean, I'm a Cowboys fan anyway. You know what, Tom doesn't want to sign me anything? So be it. Whatever. Cowboys are better anyway. Tony Romo, I mean, I'm not going to say Tony Romo is better but I've met Tony and he's a nice guy, he would've signed something for me." Despite not getting any love from the Pats signal caller, Subban was thrilled with the Foxboro atmosphere, and of course with his team's win. "It's Gillette Stadium. The stadium Tom Brady built," Subban said, smiling. "It's a pretty cool experience being there. It's one of those things you'll remember for the rest of your life. It's not so much where the game was, but against who it was. There'll be a ton more Winter Classic games, but Montreal-Boston, I don't think it gets any bigger than that. I'm very happy to know I played in it." Subban continued: "It was a lot of fun, it was really, really cool. The NHL did a great job today preparing it. It's easy for the winning team to love everything about the game because they win, but the fact is when you look at the whole pregame show, the national anthem, the fireworks, the plane flying over, family and friends there. It's great. And then the icing on the cake is the win." Several Montreal players applauded the ice conditions at Gillette Stadium, Subban included. "Usually in these types of games you hear a lot of negatives from players," said Subban. "As a player in the NHL [I'm] very happy with the way the NHL prepared the ice. Yesterday it wasn't great, today it felt better than NHL rinks on some nights. It was hard, it was fast. The ice was not a factor on the game today. If anything, it complemented the game. It's easy to say for the winning team that scores five goals, I don't know how they feel on the other side. But I played in the Heritage Classic before where the ice was terrible. It was a fun game to play today." "The ice was perfect," echoed Montreal captain Max Pacioretty. "Whoever made that ice deserves a lot of credit. I honestly thought it was some of the best ice I've ever played on. It was absolutely perfect and it made the adjustment to playing outside even easier." The Winter Classic matchup also represented a battle between two teams separated by just one point in the Atlantic Division standings. Although the Bruins do have three fewer games played that Montreal on the season, the Canadiens' win has given them breathing room entering the new year despite having lost seven of eight and 11 of 13 games entering Friday's action. "We knew that was a big game for both teams," said Montreal coach Michel Therrien. "We didn't just want to participate in the Winter Classic, we wanted to win. It was important for the standings, they were right behind us. It's going to be tight until the end of the year." "We genuinely felt it was a new chapter in our season, coming in with a new year, big stage like this," said Pacioretty. "We played the right way tonight. I didn't even think about our struggles, our scoring struggles, our winning struggles going into that third period. It really felt like just a new year. We turned the chapter on last month. We want to think about 2016 and we started off on the right foot."