Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin returns, lights up Bruins: 'Feels good to win in here'

Ken Laird
November 03, 2015 - 8:19 pm

It's been over two years since the Bruins traded away Tyler Seguin to the Stars. And Tuesday night's Bruins-Stars matchup at TD Garden wasn't Seguin's first trip back to his old hockey city wearing a different sweater. But that doesn't mean the emotion surrounding Seguin's departure is gone. Perhaps sparked by some of those emotions, Seguin buried his old team with a three-goal performance in a 5-3 comeback win for Dallas with Seguin's second marker tying the game at 2-2 in the second period and his hat-trick tally in the third representing the game winner. "I mean, it feels good," Seguin said after the game and a no-brainer first-star designation for the night. "Feels good to win in here, it's a tough building to win. Always feels good to score. When you're playing your old team it's special. Still current friends on the other team. There's a fine line between them being your friend and them being your enemy for the night." Linemate Jamie Benn, now tied with Seguin for the NHL lead with 20-points apiece, was asked if Seguin looked more relaxed in this his third trip back to Boston since his trade. "Looked like that tonight," Benn responded with a laugh. "Teams are focusing in on him now. It's just opening up plays for other players to be open. But it was definitely nice to see him explode tonight, especially in this barn. I'm probably just as happy as he is. I just leaned over to him after the game and told him, 'I'm sure that probably felt good.' The bigger thing is we got two points in a tough building." Benn continued: "He's becoming a great centerman for this team. We put a lot of pressure on him to be the best. I'm sure he puts a lot of pressure on himself. We need to lean on him, we need to have him play a responsible game and both ends of the rink and he's definitely doing that." Responsibility, and maturity, may have been qualities the Bruins felt that Seguin didn't have enough of when Boston decided to trade him away on July 4, 2013. And Seguin admitted he's changed as player in those departments since he's left the Hub. "It's just becoming a pro even more," Seguin said. "I've been asked to mature on the ice and mature as a leader. It's a young team here and right when I stepped in I had the opportunity to be a leader. First-line center, I've tried to grasp that and run with it since Day 1." With Seguin posting back-to-back 37-goal seasons with the Stars, the emotions of Bruins fans obviously are mixed in regards to his departure. Many of the Garden faithful booed Seguin when he carried the puck during Tuesday's game. And while Seguin heard the jeers, his return to Boston off the ice sounded much more pleasant. "You don't know how [the fans] are going to be," Seguin said. "I find sometimes when you get booed you play better. I get booed in Winnipeg for ... I have no idea why. But, it gives you a little more jump in your step. It's funny. I've been here a few times since I got traded away but it's like I still play here, especially on the streets. People are always friendly. I think the great thing about this city is no one is really talking bad when I'm walking around, it's always, 'Thank you for that Stanley Cup.' That makes this city really special." Despite an early-morning arrival after playing late Monday evening, Seguin found some time to reminisce. "Even driving in on the bus looking at certain things" he said. "Walking around the Boston Common today and the park. A lot of stuff reminds you, flashbacks and memories. I had a great time here. Those guys over there are going to be my friends for a lifetime. There's still a group text message -- it happened a couple of days ago -- from that year we won the Stanley Cup. All those guys, Rex [Mark Recchi], Seids [Dennis Seidenberg], everyone's in it. That's cool to always have. It's not to be in a rude way, it's just in the past now. I've moved on. I'm loving living in Dallas and loving being a Dallas Star."