Ken Rosenthal on D&C: ‘Bombshells’ coming in Biogenesis case; Red Sox 'need more pitching'

July 16, 2013 - 6:50 am
Ken Rosenthal joined Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday morning, and the Fox Sports baseball reporter, before chiming in on a handful of Red Sox-related issues, offered insight on the ongoing Biogenesis performance-enhancing drug issue and the expected suspensions for a number of players, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. '€œThere will be bombshells. The question is the timing,'€ Rosenthal said. '€œBaseball cannot rush into this. They have to have everything in order. And whether that takes two more days or two more weeks '€” or two more months, for that matter, which I doubt '€” remains to be seen. '€œJust from yesterday, I didn'€™t get the sense that it was imminent in talking to some people. But who knows? What'€™s complicated about this is baseball can'€™t miss. They have to have everything in order before they announce the suspensions, then make sure the suspensions are solid enough that when they'€™re appealed '€” and they will be appealed '€” they hold up.'€ Rosenthal went on to explain that these punishments will be due to '€œjust cause,'€ not traditional suspensions under the joint drug agreement '€” 50 games for a first positive test of a banned substance, 100 games for a second positive test and a lifetime ban for a third. As such, MLB needs to make sure it has its ducks in a row. Since the case has been so public '€” due solely to leaks '€” the suspensions will be announced before the appeals are heard, as opposed to after an appeal, as is usually the case for a positive test. '€œBaseball has to prove just cause,'€ Rosenthal said. '€œIt'€™s not a positive test. They have to make a case for just cause, and will they have it? We'€™ll see.'€ Rosenthal also touched on a number of Red Sox topics. Among them was, simply put, how good the team is. '€œThe Red Sox are legitimate, no doubt about it,'€ Rosenthal said. '€œThe division is a little weaker, that helps, and the offense is really good, which is the big thing. It'€™s funny, at the start of the season it looked like, '€˜Wow, [Jon] Lester and [Clay] Buchholz are back. They'€™re going to be the foundation.'€™ Now [John] Lackey has stepped into that void a little bit, but it'€™s the offense that'€™s sustainable for the most part. Obviously they need more pitching, and the question is how they will get it.'€ He said the Red Sox are one of about a dozen teams, including the Yankees, that have checked in on Phillies infielder Michael Young, but whether or not a deal is made remains to be seen. Since the Phillies are still very much in the thick of things '€” 5½ games back in the NL East, 6½ back in the wild card race '€” they aren'€™t exactly sure-thing sellers, so they likely will hold on to Cliff Lee, another name to whom the Red Sox are sometimes linked. Rosenthal also spoke highly of free agent-to-be Jacoby Ellsbury, whose agent, Scott Boras, said Monday he will wait until the offseason to discuss a new contract with the Red Sox. '€œHe has to show he can stay healthy and sustain this. '€¦ He has to stay on the field to keep his value or increase his value. Let'€™s face it, whatever you think about what might happen in his future, when he'€™s healthy, he'€™s a really good player,'€ Rosenthal said. '€œAnd whether the Red Sox keep him or not will depend on the usual myriad factors, and the idea that negotiations haven'€™t started, I wouldn'€™t put too much stock into that because he'€™s a Scott Boras client. Boras generally prefers his clients go out into the open market, and the Red Sox, if they tried to start negotiations, would probably be wasting their breath.'€ Following are more highlights from the conversation. To listen to the interview, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. For more Red Sox news, visit On Manny Ramirez and his new minor league deal with the Rangers: '€œI don'€™t know what to say about Manny '€” what will surprise me or what will not surprise me. He'€™s got to prove it, let'€™s put it that way. I don'€™t think the Rangers see this as anything but a free look. If he proves it, 'OK, fine, we'€™ll bring him up and give him a shot.' If not, he'€™s not going to be on the team. This is not a publicity stunt, they do not need to sell tickets.'€ On the biggest name he'€™s heard in trade rumors: '€œRight now, I'€™d have to say [Cubs pitcher Matt] Garza is the biggest name. I'€™d say this, that'€™s not a very good name. He'€™s an accomplished pitcher, and the Red Sox have at least checked in, maybe more. Is he the kind of guy we'€™re used to seeing go down at the deadline and saying '€˜Wow'€™ about? Absolutely not. '€œAnd for that reason, I refuse to believe, covering the game as long as I have '€¦ that something else is not going to shake here. I wrote that the White Sox should shop [left-hander] Chris Sale because there'€™s such a lack of quality starting pitching available you could probably get something. He'€™s under a good contract, etc. I could see these guys as being so creative '€¦ that there are going to be some bigger things go down than Matt Garza."