Ken Rosenthal on D&C: ‘I just don't see the logic' in St. Louis pitching to David Ortiz

October 30, 2013 - 5:47 am

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal joined Dennis & Callahan on Wednesday morning to preview Game 6 of the World Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals. The teams face off Wednesday night at Fenway Park with Boston one game away from clinching the series. Game 7 would be home as well for the Red Sox. '€œI wouldn'€™t get worried about them getting ahead of themselves. They understand what'€™s going on here,'€ Rosenthal said. '€œEverybody who plays or follows baseball understands that winning a clinching game is not easy, and that the St. Louis Cardinals are awfully good, they'€™ve won two straight on several occasions this year. And it could happen here.'€ John Lackey and Michael Wacha take the mound, and the most intriguing storyline in this matchup is how Wacha will approach the scorching David Ortiz. Boston'€™s DH has gone 11-for-15 (.733) in the first five games with two home runs, one coming against Wacha in Game 2. St. Louis walked him four times, just once intentionally. '€œI just don'€™t see the logic in what the Cardinals have done here, and I would expect that it would change," said Rosenthal. "I can'€™t imagine they'€™re going to keep going after him the way they are." The Cardinals faced a bit of bad luck on Tuesday when their flight to Boston was delayed for over seven hours. '€œIf I'€™m them, I'€™m embracing this whole back-to-the-wall thing, embracing the, '€˜Look at this, we couldn'€™t even get our flight on time, no one believes in us,'€™ the typical clichéd stuff that unfortunately often works, and I go from there'€ Rosenthal said. '€œ 'I'€™m the Red Sox in 2004 against the Yankees,' in my head.'€ More important than St. Louis'€™ mindset entering Wednesday'€™s game is how the offense responds after struggling this entire series. The Cardinals scored just three runs in their last two games, and Matt Holliday is the only St. Louis player to homer in the series. '€œThe only thing that I'€™m curious about is whether they go with [Carlos] Beltran in the cleanup spot again or return him to the second spot,'€ Rosenthal said. '€œObviously they need to get something going, and ultimately the order doesn'€™t matter all that much, but you might want to put Beltran back in the two spot to get him into the game earlier and just get this team jump-started again.'€ If the Cardinals offense fails again, the onus falls on the rookie Wacha, who won Game 2. '€œThe advantage for the Red Sox, if there is one, is they'€™ve now seen him once,'€ Rosenthal said. '€œAnd that can be an advantage, but I don'€™t expect Wacha to be anything less than really good. The question is how good Lackey will be, and just if the Cardinals offense can ignite.'€ To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. For more Red Sox news, visit the team page at