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Now in fourth year, Fenway Farms continues to exemplify rooftop garden trend

Krystle Boyajian
August 29, 2018 - 11:38 am

The Boston Red Sox are in their fourth year of sustainably growing their own organic produce in Fenway Farms.

The 5,000-square-foot rooftop garden sits on top of the Red Sox front offices. The 4,000-plus pounds of produce grown there annually includes carrots, lettuce, mint, eggplants, potatoes and rosemary. The produce is then used by vendors within the park and by the EMC Club chefs to create meals for Red Sox fans.

Fenway Farms is just one in a recent trend to create rooftop green space in urban areas, with Boston Medical Center also creating a rooftop farm in Boston. The rooftop farms reduce air, heat, and water pollution output, on top of creating sustainable locally sourced food.

Rooftop farms not only benefit people who eat the produce grown there, but it improves the air quality surrounding them. Since the food is grown on-site, it keeps the air cleaner as no one has to drive the produce to the park from outside the city. The plants also filter the air, reducing the CO2 in the air around the garden.

Since the rooftop farm provides insulation for the buildings, they save money on heating and A/C. The farm also helps to moderate the heat output of Fenway Park since the plants absorb and insulate some of the heat generated inside. So, the rooftop farms are not only environmentally sustainable, but also economically sustainable.

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