Kurt Warner talks Tom Brady, Deflategate suspension, where Patriots stand with Jimmy Garoppolo

May 12, 2015 - 12:19 pm

[caption id="attachment_87880" align="alignright" width="150"]Kurt WarnerKurt Warner[/caption] NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner talked about Tom Brady, his suspension and where the Patriots stand with Jimmy Garoppolo Tuesday. Here's a partial transcript of his comments -- for a video segment, click here. On Tom Brady: "For me, more than any of the wins and losses, I always wanted to represent myself as a guy of character, a man of integrity. That to me is what's on the line here. There is no question Tom Brady is an unbelievable quarterback but this brings into question his integrity and his character and the image that so many people have had of him. So that to me is the big issue and something that I know if I'm in the midst of this, I'm going to be responding as Ted Wells or someone else. I'm going to be out there fighting to hold onto my integrity. Maybe it's more about the process and you let the process do its due diligence. But for me, that was first and foremost always. I always wanted people to talk about my character first and my play second. I believe I may have responded a little differently than Tom did but again, involved in an investigation, I'm not really sure how that process plays out." On if Tom Brady's character is diminished: "I think it brings it into question. But again, when you look at the report, just like everybody says there is a lot of circumstantial stuff there. So I don't really know the process until I hear Tom tell me what the process was. Could it have simply been from day one or whenever this whole process started, 'Hey, I like my balls in this manner, the footballs at this sort of PSI' and you kind of leave it at that and you make sure that the equipment guys know that. But to say, 'Hey, let's go below the rules, let's break a rule, let's try to go behind closed doors,' those are the things that I don't have an answer to. I don't know. There are a lot of things in that report that let me know something was done. They went to circumvent some things and make some moves there that I don't believe everybody makes. But what does that lead to? What does that mean at the end of the day? I think Tom Brady is the only one that really knows and I think what I'd love to hear is to just sit down and have a conversation and go, 'OK, where did this start and how did it get to this point and what do you know?' But again, I just think it's too hard for me to really break down and know definitively what the process was and whether Tom was involved or how much he was involved." On Jimmy Garoppolo: "I've liked what I've seen from Jimmy Garoppolo the times that I've seen him. Obviously when I watched him in college, last year he played a little bit in their Monday Night game against Kansas City; I was there at that game. Liked what I saw there. I think he's a young kid with extreme talent; throws the football really well, has a great quick release. There are a lot of things to like. The big question is he's still a young guy and this will be his first significant action of starting games against good, quality opponents, and where is he at as far as his development? I think they're going to happy with him down the road and happy with him as a backup. It's just where is he going to be at this point, especially against some of those defenses that he's going to see? He's going to be different than Tom Brady. Tom Brady is a surgeon out there in the way he likes to do things and how he attacks; one of the best to ever play the game. So we can't expect that from Jimmy Garoppolo right off the bat. But I have liked what I've seen and I think he might surprise some people."