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Minihane: 'Baseball is in big, big trouble'

Kyle DaLuz
July 09, 2018 - 10:26 am

The Red Sox are 33 games above .500 and have the best record in Major League Baseball at 62-29. They're slashing offensive records left and right and are sending five players to Washington for the All-Star Game.

But there has been a significant lack of Red Sox talk on talk shows across the market on both radio and television when it comes to Boston's baseball team. Why is that?

Kirk Minihane returned to the Kirk & Callahan show this morning and offered up his opinion on Dan Shaughnessy's column in the Boston Globe this morning titled: The Red Sox may be red-hot, but baseball is striking out in every way. Shaughnessy's main points are that there are too many bad teams, the pace of play is slow, and there are too many strikeouts in baseball in 2018.

"This is something I’ve been saying for a couple years now," Minihane said. "Baseball is in big, big, big trouble. It’s boring. It’s dull. The game is dull. No one is talking about it around here. Nobody cares. We can take calls all day from old people -- tell me I’m wrong. I know radio. I know when people care about things. Nobody cares about the Red Sox in this town – Lou Merloni and that’s it."

When co-host Mike Mutnansky cited the Red Sox ratings on NESN and WEEI being up this season, Minihane countered that the morning show has rarely talked Red Sox all season, something Shaughnessy mentioned in his column.

"We haven’t done Red Sox talk in two years – our ratings have been massive," he said. "There’s one subject we’ve been talking about – (David) Price – that’s it."