Trenni Kusnierek details K&C absence on Enough About Me

Kyle DaLuz
March 22, 2018 - 4:43 pm

It's been some time since WEEI listeners have heard from Trenni Kusnierek on the local airwaves during weekday mornings.

The NBC Sports Boston Early Edition co-host has spent much of the winter in Pyeongchang, South Korea as part of NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics with the USA curling team, and has been away from the Kirk & Callahan morning show since early January.

She detailed reasons for her hiatus aside from work obligations on Thursday morning's Enough About Me podcast with host Kirk Minihane.

Citing migraine issues triggered by anxiety that popped up again this past November, Kusnierek thought it best to step away from the show.

"My anxiety gets driven up because there's so much going on," she said, adding Minihane causes more anxiousness than co-host Gerry Callahan, who Kusnierek strongly differs with politically. "You will push things to a point where Gerry (Callahan) will back off."

"It sounds to me Trenni that the whole source of your anxiety is me," Minihane said.

"You can find people's weaknesses and poke at it and poke at it and poke at it," she replied. "That's tough sometimes. It makes for good radio but it is tough. You have to be on your guard. You always have to be up and have a response back.

"I'm not really good at getting my buttons pushed all the time."

Minihane continued to express his surprise over Kusnierek getting emotional when he ribbed her about missing his late father's funeral during a show last summer.

"I legitimately felt so bad. In my heart when I made the decision to not go...I really thought, 'OK, I'm doing the right thing here,'" she said. "I felt like I wasn't a good person. I felt awful about it."

Kusnierek added that she's been happier personally since she's been off the Kirk & Callahan show, although she had plenty of praise for the two co-hosts and producers Chris Curtis and Ken Laird.

Kusnierek continues to work on WEEI on the weekends with writer John Tomase on Saturday's from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

You can hear the entire podcast with Kusnierek and Minihane here, which details her quest for love in Thailand and her praise of NBC's Mike Tirico during the Olympics.

Ep. 80 - Trenni Kusnierek 3-22-18

Former Kirk and Callahan contributor Trenni joins Kirk after her trip to South Korea, and after her decision to take a break from the show. Kirk grills Trenni on her praise for Mike Tirico at the Olympics, her physical & mental health issues, and of course whether she plans on returning to K&C.

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