Larry Lucchino on D&C: ‘By the end of the day today we’ll have closure on the 2013 season’

April 04, 2014 - 6:18 am
Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino spoke with Dennis & Callahan on Friday morning about winning another World Series trophy and other news surrounding the team heading into Opening Day at Fenway Park. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. No MLB team has won back-to-back World Series titles since the Yankees in 1999 and 2000. "The unpredictability of the game is where I would start," Lucchino said of why winning consecutive championships is a challenge. "So many things have to go right for you in terms of health, in terms of randomness, chance -- the other things that influence the upcoming games. Probabilities being what they are, it's hard for those various factors to fall into place, and a couple of years in a row, that's just not how numbers work, probabilities work. That's one factor. "I think the factor that everyone is gunning for you, is shooting for you, is a second factor. Human nature being what it is, there's a possibility that players, team, management can be less-highly motivated. I don'€™t think that's the case with this crew here, but those are some of the factors. I would put health up there -- it probably deserves its own spot on the list -- you've got to have consistently good health." The Red Sox have said since spring training that the 2014 season is about turning the page. For Lucchino and the team, finishing all of the World Series ceremonies and focusing on the new year is part of that process. "We actually were eager to have the White House ceremony occur early in the year -- ordinarily it gets set kind of haphazardly perhaps in May, perhaps in June," Lucchino said. "It seemed to us the best thing to do was to get everything done up front. Ideally, we got a break in the schedule with the team being in Baltimore, so we wanted to do all of this -- celebrate as I think we should, as our fans want us to do, but our players certainly want us and want themselves to turn the page. "By the end of the day today we'll have closure on the 2013 season -- as glorious as it was, as much fun as it is to savor it, and look back on it, it is time to move ahead." Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Red Sox news, visit the team page at On his favorite moment from visiting Walter Reed Medical Center: "My favorite story from that day is when David Ortiz was walking into a room and saw an injured vet and went up to him and started talking some baseball. The guy said, 'Thank you guys for coming. It'€™s great to have you here, but I've got to tell you, I'€™m not much of a baseball fan.' And David said, instead of walking away, 'What are you in to?' He said, 'I've got to tell you, I'€™m a hockey fan.' And David said, 'Hang on a second,' and punches into his cell phone, calls Shawn Thornton on the phone. Shawn answers the phone and David says, 'Here, I want you to meet Shawn Thornton,' and then Thornton and the vet have a few minutes to chat about hockey." On Xander Bogaerts as the team's shortstop: "I think that question is better addressed to the manager, and I think if I were guessing John Farrell would say he'€™s done everything we've asked him to do in spring training and currently and absolutely it's his job only to lose it if there was some regression, but I don'€™t expect that. This guy has a special talent and a special personality. ... I walked around the Walter Reed Medical Center with him and he was so warm and outgoing and engaging and friendly with the troops that we saw. He has a certain undeniable warmth and charisma that I think fans are going to learn to love." On contract talks with Jon Lester: "Ben [Cherington] said we hit the pause button, and we did. We had some meetings throughout spring training with his representatives, and there were a few conversations directly with Jon. We want him badly. We'd love to have him stay here -- this cradle-to-grave notion of certain Red Sox players is really appealing, but, for now, I think it's prudent to put it on hold. There was a difference between bid and asked, and we needed to get a little breathing time." On the Boston Globe'€™s editorial on Jerry Remy: "We are absolutely supportive of Jerry's decision to return to the booth this year, and I'm not sure I want to say much about the Globe's editorial policy given its owner [John Henry], but I think they pretty much march to their own drum anyway. But I would say Jerry has made his decision that he thinks is best for him and his family going forward and we will support his decision." On Jared Remy keeping his job with the Red Sox after going to prison: "You'€™re going back into some ancient history that I'€™m not familiar with. I do think that he was welcomed back -- that never rose to my level, to my desk, so I can'€™t speak about it. I do know when the steroid accusations occurred, we did get involved and a discharge occurred. That's a very hard question of when or whether people deserve second chances, and when it's right to do so and when it'€™s wrong to do so. What I remember from my history is when the word came out about the steroid paraphernalia that he was discharged."