Larry Lucchino on D&C: Wednesday's rainout 'an unsatisfying situation'

May 01, 2014 - 6:29 am
Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino spoke with Dennis & Callahan on Thursday about the team's decision to reschedule Wednesday's game as a doubleheader on Thursday. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. The second game of Boston's three-game series with the Rays was postponed on Wednesday because of a threat of rain. "The rain is obviously something we can't control," Lucchino said. 'There's never really a good solution. We simply tried to schedule it as close to the game as possible so maybe some of the people who came from longer distances might be able to stay, might be ably to partake in it this afternoon, but it's an unsatisfying situation." Marc Topkin of the Tamp Bay Times said via Twitter that the Rays had concerns about playing the two games on Thursday and saw potential for "practical alternatives" to the doubleheader. "We have a little organization we call the 'rain trust' -- not the brain trust, the rain trust -- and there are four or five of us who confer with our private weather service, who confer with Major League Baseball, talk to the opposing team, and yes, there was plenty of dialogue that took place yesterday," Lucchino said. "Apparently they had a preference for a game in late September, but the problem with that -- we've been able over the last 12 years to get every game in. We've been able to play 81 home games -- which is quite remarkable given the weather we've had here -- we've been able to play 81 home games and work games in. If we had waited until late September and had rain again at the point, there's a much more likely probability that we would miss a game or two and they matter in the standings and of course there are substantial ramifications as well. Our policy and our preferred practice is try to get them in sooner rather than later." Lucchino added that he thinks the league should once again look into a situation where teams in warmer climates or teams that have stadiums with domes have a home-heavy schedule during the month of April. "The short answer is they say they try," Lucchino said of the league scheduling games with weather in mind. "My experience has been it's an insufficient effort. There was at one time an effort to have a warm weather and dome schedule so that teams with warm weather sites or dome facilities had a heavier home schedule in the month of April. Apparently it didn't work out particularly well that year -- there was a lot of bad weather in May and April wasn't so bad, and we seem to have left that schedule behind -- the schedule bias behind us -- when we probably should have continued again, but I do think they try to take it into consideration. I just think there should be a larger presumption in favor of that kind of warm weather scheduling." Following are more highlights from the interview. For more team news, visit On the Donald Sterling controversy and MLB's constitution: "My understanding is there are several opportunities for the forced sale of a club or an ousting of an owner. It hasn't happened as far as I know of, but almost every private organization that I know -- be it a club or a professional sports organization -- has some mechanism for enforcing standards for penalizing misbehavior and those go as far as disqualifications ... and with respect to the Donald Sterling thing, remember the sale that is being forced is not a confiscation of his assets. When the team is sold, he will benefit from the proceeds of the sale. "I did have some conversations with [Sterling] once many, many years ago when I got to San Diego. ... At one point he called to see if we had some interest in selling the Padres to him and we asked if he had some interest in selling the Clippers to us and [it] didn't get very far." On changing the Redskins' name: "This is not some politically correct minority out there talking about this. This is an issue that has sustained itself over 30 or 40 years now, and there's a real disdain for the name on the part of Native Americans, so I understand. My personal view -- I'm not speaking for the Red Sox -- my personal view is because the issue has sustained itself for so long a period of time and it is deeply personal to some, I would favor, if anybody asked me for my preference, I would suggest a name change to a more acceptable variation on it."