Larry Lucchino on possibility of Red Sox, Yankees renewing feud: 'If it starts up, I'm going to look for [Yankees president] Randy Levine'

September 05, 2013 - 7:00 am

The last time the Red Sox and Yankees met, on Aug. 18 at Fenway Park, Ryan Dempster drilled Alex Rodriguez with a pitch, leading to the players from both teams leaving the benches and milling about the infield. The teams are set to start a four-game series in the Bronx on Thursday night, and Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino knows the feud could continue, even though Dempster was punished by the league with a five-game suspension. During a Thursday morning appearance on Dennis & Callahan, Lucchino said he plans to attend Thursday's game, and he has a plan in mind if the teams get into it again. "If it starts up, I'm going to look for Randy Levine," Lucchino joked about his Yankees counterpart. On a serious note, Lucchino said he hopes the players put the incident behind them. "They've had some comments about the incident," Lucchino said, referring to the Yankees' condemnation of Dempster. "Baseball sort of has a way of allowing these things to perpetuate themselves. I hope [another incident] doesn't happen. It's a little different now, because each of these games matters so much. I don't think anybody wants to ignite the other team. "So, I don't know what will happen. I know that what happened here was not something that was mandated or ordered or whatever. And I hope the Yankees behave the same way." A couple of days after the game, David Ortiz made some public comments questioning Dempster's actions and supporting Rodriguez, his friend. "I'm rarely in the clubhouse during a game, but I happened to be in there right after that, and I did see that David was disappointed and had no problem expressing that," Lucchino said. "But he and Dempster are very good friends. Everyone loves and respects Ryan Dempster. And I think that I'd just look to put that in our rearview mirror and focus. "We're in a pennant race. This is September. This is a textbook-definition pennant race, where you do scoreboard-watching in the second inning and you stay up late waiting for the results of the games. We should just enjoy a September -- we haven't had this kind of pennant race with this many teams involved. If you can't get excited by this pennant race, maybe you're not as much of a baseball fan as you think. You shouldn't let yourself be distracted by some of these peripheral issues." For more from the interview, go to the Full Count blog or check out the audio at the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. For more Red Sox news, visit the team page at