Laura Spector in: The woman with the golden gun

February 12, 2010 - 8:30 am

When you combine shooting guns and skiing, the one word that might not follow is "safe." But there is one word that might describe the biathlon, an Olympic sport that combines rifles and cross-country skiing, and that word is'€¦"GENIUS." Every four years, fans get to see some of the greatest marksmen and women test their accuracy while cruising the slopes on a pair of skis. It has to remind you of a James Bond movie where guns and skis just seem to go hand and hand. In Vancouver there will be one name that New Englanders can keep an eye on: Spector'€¦Laura Spector. Spector is making her Olympic debut in Vancouver, and the Lenox, Mass., native didn'€™t expect to be considered for these Olympics. Instead, she looked ahead to 2014. The biathlon has not been kind to the U.S in the past, as no American has brought home a medal in Olympic competition. Spector will compete in the sprint, pursuit, individual and the relay, so there will be a few opportunities for her to medal. If she wins, she'€™ll probably take her celebration beverage shaken, not stirred.