LEEInks Stops Being Polite and Starts Getting Real

July 21, 2009 - 6:41 am

Welcome to your Tuesday morning edition of the LEEInks. Today, the LEEInks pledges to stop being polite and starts getting real. The world of sports is now colliding with an equally bizarre and volatile realm: the world of reality television. This week, Terrell Owens launched his own reality show, The T.O. Show, and Shaquille O'Neal and ABC announced a new primetime effort linking the network and the Big Aristotle.

Owens' show on the reality television mecca VH1, (which apparently rarely plays music videos anymore) premiered last night to quite a bit of buzz.
There was a lot of  talk about the show before it even hit the airwaves due to a fairly risque big city billboard campaign. Let's just say it involved a scantily clad Terrell Owens. If you're a fan of Owens, chances are you'll like the show. The Philadelphia Inquirer's television critic Jonathan Storm is definitely not in that camp.  In the first episode, Owens moves into an immaculate mansion deep in the Hollywood Hills and gets two personal assistantswhose aim is to rehabilitate the NFL star's image. The enigmatic wide reciever also signs with his new team, the Buffalo Bills during the pilot episode. As some of you may recall, this isn't the first foray into reality television for Terrell Owens. Mere weeks ago, T.O. was a cast member of ABC's The Superstars. However, the NFL lightning rod's run on the show was short-lived as Owens and teammate supermodel Joanna Krupa were the first two competitors eliminated. Krupa turned the tables on Owens by throwing the football star under the bus, much like he has to nearly every quarterback he's played with. In other reality television news, ABC announced that they will be launching a new reality show with NBA megastar Shaquille O'Neal. "Shaq Vs." will pit the newest Cavalier against other athletes in their sports. According to the press release, Shaq will swim against Michael Phelps, hit the gridiron against Ben Roethlisberger, return serves from Serena Williams and even step into the ring against Oscar De La Hoya. Yes, despite the high probility of injury,  the Cavaliers approved this small-screen venture for their new big man. Thankfully, the new show, which premieres next month, keeps Shaq in the world of sports and not the music business. If this is the kind of fight he'd put up against a hip-hop star like Jay-Z, he'd be toast. Both stars love the spotlight and reality television seems like a perfect fit for both. Let's just hope there isn't a spinoff of both stars doing a season of MTV's The Real World. That would just be a little too real for the LEEInks to handle.