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Best of NFL Week 11 on Twitter: Nathan Peterman is awful, Mark Davis eats on live TV

Lucy Burdge
November 19, 2017 - 7:47 pm

NFL Twitter was as alive as ever during Week 11 of the season, with reaction to everything from the Patriots game in Mexico to Nathan Peterman’s unfortunate performance. Here are some of the best tweets from the week.

Everyone’s favorite ESPN sideline reporter Sergio Dipp returned to television for coverage of the Patriots-Raiders game in Mexico City.  

Many replied to his tweet with the same joke about his ESPN debut:

“& There he is...Having the time of his life” -- @ArturoKTorres

“Having the Time of your life?” -- @Schaefer500

“Is he having the time of his life?” -- @Mbushes2

“Having the time of his life” -- @TejasGrande

“Hope you're having the time of your life, Sergio!” -- @PeaceSignMoose


Raiders owner Mark Davis got some screen time and people went nuts.

“Can they just show Mark Davis for the rest of the game?” -- @kirkmin

“Upset of the Week: Mark Davis was not wearing his souvenir sombrero” -- @GerryCallahan

“Not sure that @NFLonCBS going from a shot of the Krafts, adjusting their cuff links, to a shot of Mark Davis, stuffing his face, is very fair” -- @DaleEArnold

Bills backup quarterback Nathan Peterman filled in for Tyrod Taylor and it did not go well.

“Has Nathan Peterman ever held a football before today?” -- @barstoolbigcat

Richard Sherman even weighed in:

“So they bench my guy @TyrodTaylor and the guy they bring in has already thrown 2picks with 10mins left in the 1st. Great decision” -- @R_Sherman25

Tough day for Bills Mafia.

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