David Ortiz praises Red Sox, J.D. Martinez on OMF

Lucy Burdge
August 08, 2018 - 11:05 am

David Ortiz joined OMF on Wednesday and had some high praise for this year’s Red Sox team.

“It’s been an unbelievable season,” Ortiz said. “I’m so excited with what’s going on.”

He also raved about J.D. Martinez and all he has been doing and was blown away by his talent before the season even started.

“I went to camp for about four days,” Ortiz said. “ … For me to be impressed by a hitter, it has to be something very specific and special. Watching J.D. Martinez in Spring Training hitting batting practice, I was very, very impressed.”

Ortiz said Martinez was consistent at the plate and “this guy wasn’t even ready to go when I saw that.”

“I walked out of the field like I just saw a ghost,” he said. “That’s how impressed I was … His work ethic is just at the highest level … he knows what he’s doing at the plate.”

“This guy hits batting practice after the game,” he continued. “Who the hell does that?”

Ortiz also explained some of the differences between John Farrell and Alex Cora as Red Sox managers.

“They’re both great managers,” he said. “Being young like Alex is goes in his favor … I can see John being more like restrictive when it comes to relationships with the players probably because of the age thing.”

Ortiz said Cora’s sense of humor has built the players’ confidence “to a point where the game comes easy for you.”

Of course, Lou and Christian had to make sure Ortiz still has no plans to come out of retirement.

And Ortiz hit them with a very definitive, “I’m all set.”

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