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Derek Jeter’s Marlins fire scout who has cancer and needs kidney transplant

Lucy Burdge
December 01, 2017 - 2:06 pm

The Derek Jeter-owned Marlins fired a longtime scout who needs a kidney transplant and is in the hospital recovering from colon cancer surgery, it was reported on Friday.

Marty Scott was let go on Oct. 16 while he was lying in a hospital bed at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Fla. He had a cancerous tumor and polyps removed from his colon just days before getting the news from the Marlins. The cancer was found while he was undergoing tests for a kidney transplant because he has diabetes.

“Derek Jeter doesn’t owe me anything,” Scott told Yahoo Sports. “Probably in their hearts they did what they thought was right. I know based on certain aspects of the game, I probably was making too much money. But we all love the game. We’re all in it together. I just think 40 years was worth more than a spank on the butt and see you later. I’m very hurt. Forty years in baseball, I let a lot of people go. I never, ever fired somebody 10 days, 15 days before their contract was up. If I knew I was going to fire somebody, I did it at the beginning of September.”

According to a team spokesman, the decision was made by president Michael Hill. Scott said neither Jeter nor Hill called to give him the news, but it was pro scouting director Jim Cuthbert who made the call.

This is just the latest PR hit in the Marlins’ Derek Jeter Era.

As Alex Reimer wrote on Wednesday, the former Yankee fired longtime Marlins employees Jeff Conine (“Mr. Marlin”), Andre Dawson, Jack McKeon and Tony Perez. He then reportedly offered Conine, Dawson and Perez the chance to come back in smaller roles and for a fraction of their salaries.

Jeter and his ownership group officially took control of the Marlins on Sept. 27.

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