Eddie Dominguez tells K&C he has ‘no evidence’ David Ortiz was giving information to friend placing bets against Red Sox

Lucy Burdge
August 29, 2018 - 8:57 am

Eddie Dominguez, author of Baseball Cop: The Darkside of America’s National Pastime, joined Kirk and Callahan on Wednesday morning to discuss his claim that David Ortiz was linked to a friend who placed bets against the Red Sox.

Dominguez is a former member of the Boston Police Department and served as the Red Sox’ Resident Security Agent for Major League Baseball from 1999 until 2007, after which he became a member of MLB’s Department of Investigations.

In his new book, Dominguez writes Ortiz had a friend called “Monga” who was a frequent presence in the Red Sox clubhouse. Dominguez said he had and informant close to Monga who saw Monga place a bet on a game in Chicago between the Red Sox and White Sox on July 24, 2005. He allegedly bet on the White Sox to win and bet the over on runs scored, both of which happened that day.

He made it clear to K&C he never worked for the Red Sox, but worked for the MLB and was assigned to Fenway Park. He said Monga caught his attention and was someone who made “the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

“Monga was basically the guy who took care of (Ortiz’) kids, who drove him … they were close,” Dominguez said.

When asked if he knew if Monga was using any information from Ortiz to place his bets, Dominguez said, “I have no evidence of that.”

He also said he had “no direct information” that Ortiz was taking steroids while with the Red Sox.

Dominguez said that during a meeting with David Ortiz and Terry Francona in Francona’s office about Monga, Ortiz claimed Dominguez was lying about his friend placing bets against the Red Sox.

“It surprised me that I found myself in Terry’s room telling Ortiz what was going on,” Dominguez said.

He said he isn’t sure if the Red Sox organization was concerned about Monga but “the only time this conversation came up was in Francona’s office.”