Friday’s Mashup: Martellus Bennett jokes about Patriots comeback in video tweeted to Rob Gronkowski

Lucy Burdge
February 28, 2019 - 8:57 pm

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-- Martellus Bennett trolled Patriots fans on Wednesday when he tweeted a video to Rob Gronkowski, saying he will be making an NFL comeback in New England.

After the news that Jason Witten will be coming out of retirement, Bennett dubbed this the Year of the Comeback.

“Heard this is the year of the comeback,” Bennett said in the video. “What’s up, Patriots? Yo, Bill (Belichick), Tom (Brady) — holla at your boy. You already know what’s up. Yo Gronk, hold on. Hold on, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Your boy is on the way, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Your boy is on the way, Gronk! Put the Robin sign in the air, Batman! Let’s go! Put the Robin signal in the air! Robin’s coming back, Batman.”

Bennett also tweeted a similar video about the Cowboys.

He then confirmed he was joking in both videos. 


-- Old friend Jimmy Garoppolo has been declared ahead of schedule in his recovery by 49ers coach Mike Shanahan. 

Garoppolo tore his ACL on Sept. 23 against the Chiefs and was out for the rest of the season but it looks like he’ll be back with the 49ers for OTAs in the next few months.

“I see him. We don’t talk about football, but I see him. I see him out of my window every day. He does drops every day,” Shanahan said. “Yeah, I know, I’m a stalker. But he’s been doing a good job … Everyone says they are ahead of schedule and he is. I mean he’s been healing great. He hasn’t had knee trouble before. It was a clean ACL, so it’s been real good for him.”

He also felt he needed to clarify one again that he is not stalking Garoppolo.

“I’m always in my office watching film,” Shanahan said. “He’s right out my window, and he’s rehabbing all the time.

This sounds optimistic but the team will still be cautious with Garoppolo’s projected return to OTAs.

“I expect him back at OTAs throwing just because it should be that way,” Shanahan said. “And it’s not as big of a risk because it’s 7-on-7. If that was team pass, regardless, we probably wouldn’t put him in.”

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