Friday’s Mashup: Truck carrying N95 masks leaves Gillette Stadium for New York

Lucy Burdge
April 03, 2020 - 8:08 am

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-- The Patriots’ team plane brought 1.2 million N95 masks from China to Boston on Thursday, courtesy of Robert Kraft, and 300,000 of those masks are now making the trip from New England to New York. 

A truck carrying the masks purchased by Kraft left Gillette Stadium on Friday morning on their way to medical facilities in New York City. 

Kraft told CNN Thursday night he purchased masks for New York in honor of Andrew Cuomo’s impressive handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The Patriots owner also said the city holds a special place in his heart, as he attended Columbia University. 

-- Julian Edelman partnered with Planet Fitness for a home workout on Thursday night as part of the gym franchise’s “Home Work-In” series and he wore a lot of sweatbands for the endeavour. 

Edelman called the partnership “a dream of mine” before leading the audience in a high-energy workout.

The exercises included jumping jacks, planks, push-ups, squats and lunges. 

He also gave a shout out to Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady during a water break. 

“Hydration is crucial,” Edelman said. “Old quarterback I used to have used to talk about it a lot. Brady, what was his name? Oh yeah, never mind.”

You can view the full workout here.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “People are looking for good things. This is the greatest country in the world. It’s time for us to rally together and solve these kinds of issues.” -- Robert Kraft, to CNN, after the Patriots’ team plane brought 1.2 million masks from China to Boston on Thursday