Friday’s Mashup: Tom Brady makes fun of The Rock’s ‘frisbee’ cookies on Instagram

Lucy Burdge
January 18, 2019 - 8:00 am

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-- The Rock and Tom Brady have very different diets.

The Rock posted a photo to Instagram this week of his cheat day meal of enormous cookies and Brady took notice.

While The Rock was just trying to stuff his “greedy fat face with some of the best and biggest cookies I’ve ever had,” Brady commented on the photo, asking if the cookies were actually “frisbees.”

When one of my fav films, THE STING meets my gluttonous CHEAT MEAL COOKIE TRAIN. A lil’ fun fact to share with you - when I first broke into Hollywood back in 2002 I was filming THE SCORPION KING on the backlot soundstage of Universal Studios. My producer @kevin.misher came to me and said, “someone very special wants to come by set and personally welcome you to Hollywood” and in walks the legend himself, PAUL NEWMAN. He was so gracious, cool and kind with his words about what my career could potentially be in Hollywood. Me, on the other hand was a stumbling idiot and kept my answers so short because I was in such awe and respect of this beautiful man. I’m sure Paul thought “this kid’s got potential but Jesus Christ he needs to work on his people skills” ----‍♂️ Now years later I’m here watching two of my fav actors in one of my fav movies, while I stuff my greedy fat face with some of the best and biggest cookies I’ve ever had - mahalo Chef Paige. Enjoy your cheat meals my friends. #TheSting---- #NewmanRedford #CheatMealCookieTrain #ShitPeopleSkills

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“Are they cookies or frisbees???,” Brady responded, along with three laughing emojis.

Whatever they are, they are certainly not allowed on the TB12 Diet.

Comments By Celebs captured the comment within a series of other photos:

Roundup ✨#CommentsByCelebs

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-- A Kansas City amusement park has changed the name of its "Patriot" roller coaster in honor of AFC Championship week.

The Worlds of Fun park changed the sign on its roller coaster and dubbed it the “Patrick” in solidarity with the Chiefs ahead of their matchup against New England. Like the Chiefs, Worlds of Fun was founded by Lamar Hunt.

“We thought we’d have a little fun with it,” Chris Foshee, the park’s communications manager said. “It’s not too much of a stretch to change it to Patrick. It’s just two letters, so we thought we would do that. The name change is pretty fitting, considering the ride’s high-flying, just like Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. It throws you for a couple loops, too, like our defense has been doing.”

This change has inevitably led to an avalanche of Spongebob Squarepants memes.

“Believe me, we’ve definitely seen our fair share of SpongeBob GIFs and memes,” Foshee said. “I didn’t even think about it until after I posted it and started seeing them come in. I haven’t watched SpongeBob in forever, so I actually had to look up the clip that they’re referring to. I didn’t realize it was as popular as it was. That’s definitely an added bonus.”

“It’s kind of cool for it to take off, for sure,” he said. “I didn’t really expect it to catch on as quickly as it did, to be honest."

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Definitely the greatest player of all time -- not just quarterback in my opinion. Because he's such a leader in the locker room. For someone double the age of some of the players to be able to lead like that, and connect like that, and have the work ethic that he has, and at the same time so pleasant to be around -- I'm really the luckiest guy in the world." -- Robert Kraft, on Tom Brady