Ian Kinsler doesn’t ‘see any form of punishment’ coming for Red Sox in sign-stealing probe

Lucy Burdge
February 20, 2020 - 3:17 pm

The Red Sox are being investigated by Major League Baseball for potential sign-stealing in 2018 but former Boston second baseman Ian Kinsler doesn’t think the team will get the punishment that hit the Astros. 

In an interview with 1310 The Ticket in Dallas, Kinsler said he believes the Red Sox will get nothing more than a “small punishment,” if anything. 

"I don't know what (MLB) is going to find, but in my opinion, it's not anything close to what's going on (in Houston), Kinsler said. "The Red Sox were just a very tight-knit group. When I was injected into that team in the middle of the season, it was a lot like the Rangers clubs I was on, where it was just a very tight-knit group and their system was flawless. They just had a very good system of relaying from second base to home plate. That was it. Honestly. We'll see what happens with the commissioner's report."

"If there's a video and you're going to check out your at-bat and while you're checking out your at-bat, there's a runner on second base also, and you look through your at-bat to see your personal flaws and what you're trying to fix for the next time… I'm going to go back again and check out the signs and see if I can crack them," Kinsler continued. "If I can, I can. If I can't, I can't."

He added: "I'm interested to see what happens with this whole report because I truly believe they're not going to find anything that's substantial. They might throw a small punishment out there because they did a report. I don't know. I don't know where they stand on this whole thing. We saw where they stood on the Astros thing. I just really don't see any form of punishment coming to the Red Sox. It was a very good team."