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J.A. Happ contracts hand, foot and mouth disease

Lucy Burdge
July 31, 2018 - 6:43 pm

The Yankees sent J.A. Happ home on Tuesday with hand, foot and mouth disease, meaning he might miss his scheduled start against the Red Sox on Saturday.

“Brian Cashman confirms that J.A. Happ has contracted hand, foot and mouth disease. He went to NY Presbyterian this afternoon and was sent home. Cashman said it is a mild case,” Bryan Hoch tweeted Tuesday evening.

This comes just a week after Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard contracted the illness.

Hand, foot and mouth disease, also known as Coxsackie virus, is rare, minor and most often found in children. It causes fever and a rash on the hands, feet and mouth, as the name suggests. Symptoms typically last two or three days.

Syndergaard’s case was reportedly tied to his visit to a children’s camp.

The Yankees acquired Happ from the Blue Jays just five days ago.

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