How Joe Judge overcame traveling mishap on his way to Giants interview

Lucy Burdge
January 13, 2020 - 10:48 am

Joe Judge aced his interview with the Giants and it earned him the head coaching job but a traveling snafu almost made him late. 

According to Peter King in Monday’s Football Morning in America, Judge boarded a New Jersey-bound 6:43 a.m. Amtrak Acela train in Providence for his 11 a.m. interview with the Giants. His plan was to get off at Penn Station, where the Giants had a car waiting for him, and he did get off at Penn Station but it was the wrong Penn Station. 

Classic Penn Station mixup: “At 9:43 a.m., Judge disembarked at New York’s Penn Station. (Crazy thing about East Coast train stations. The city train stations in New York, Newark and Baltimore are all called 'Penn Station.' Judge just heard 'Penn Station' and got off the train. The Giants were sending a car for him, and Judge went to what he thought was the appointed spot. No car. Judge called his pick-up man. 'Where are you?' The guy said, 'I’m here. Where are you?' Judge looked around and told him 34th Street, and the Giants rep said, 'You got off at the wrong Penn Station!' Judge pulled out his phone and got an Uber for East Rutherford. He was at Giants HQ by 10:45. All good. 'I didn’t know there were two Penn Stations,' Judge said. There are not two. There are three. 'No problem,' he said. 'I got there just in time.'"

King also noted Judge went through the interview without looking at any notes. 

“That’s accurate,” Judge said. “I went into the interview with the approach that everything I was going to say was coming from the heart. I wasn’t trying to sell them anything. If they don’t like me on the interview, then it’s better to find that out right away.” 

“By the time he left around 2 to get some lunch with a Giant staffer, the three Giants officials were hooked,” King wrote. “Mara spoke up, ‘Wow,’ he said. ‘This has to be our guy.’”