Julian Edelman studying for bar mitzvah during offseason, says Tom Brady ‘keeps everyone in the dark’ about future

Lucy Burdge
March 06, 2020 - 9:48 am

When he’s not attending basketball games with Tom Brady and running his “Stay Tom” merchandise business, Julian Edelman is spending his offseason studying for his bar mitzvah.

Edelman is embracing his Jewish faith and has been studying with a Rabbi in Los Angeles. 

“My dad is Jewish. I converted pretty much,” Edelman told Los Angeles Magazine at an event thrown by the Ruderman Family Foundation honoring Peter and Bobby Farrelly. “I’m going to have a bar mitzvah here soon. I speak with a Rabbi every Friday. He’s from out here.”

It is not clear when the bar mitzvah will take place. 

Of course, Edelman was asked about the future of Tom Brady and he said he is just as clueless as everyone else about what he will do. 

“No clue,” Edelman said. “He keeps everyone in the dark.”