Kirk's plea for justice: The makings of a wild morning

Lucy Burdge
November 13, 2017 - 8:43 am

We all watched (and rewatched) the performance by Kirk Minihane last Thursday when he bravely fought for justice outside the radio station across the street (and if you haven’t seen it, watch it here right now).

Viewers and listeners praised Minihane for his extraordinary protest, and those back in the WEEI studios were equally impressed. Here are the accounts and reactions from those who were in on the events that took place.

Gerry Callahan: “Everyone agreed that Felger should not have been fired or even suspended. Everyone agreed that it wasn’t a big deal. So naturally Kirk decided to to make it a big deal and demand Felger’s immediate firing. What the hell? We were bored and needed a show.

"He said he was going to go the Sports Hub office and demand justice. I suggested he make a sign which he told [Chris> Curtis to do. It would have been quicker and easier to tell him to re-wire the New Balance building.

"My only regret was not insisting Curtis misspell the words on the sign. I think that would have been funny, but I guess I just assumed it would happen organically. He got both words - Fire Felger - correct, which was the upset of the day.

"It was all Kirk. And the interns, Brian and Devin, who followed him with their cameras. I don’t even know what it sounded like on the air. Trenni and I were watching the Facebook Live and laughing our asses off, so it was probably a mess. But it was frigging hilarious. The guy from ZLX made it - he thought he was going to come out and put Kirk in his place. Man, what a dope. We were really hoping he would punch Kirk in the face. It would have been great video and it would have gone viral and what the hell? Teeth can be replaced. Orbital bones heal.

"The only other regret is the cop. He was much too professional and calm. I mean, they give those guys tasers for a reason. Would it have killed him to give Kirk a few volts? Or at least slap him around and arrest him? Maybe next time.

"The funniest part? Without question, ‘Me too. Me too. Me too.’ I laugh just thinking about it. Rose McGowan must be so proud of her brother in arms, fighting the power together.”

Chris Curtis, senior producer: “Kirk’s protest Thursday will go down as one of the truly great moments in K&C history.  He singlehandedly stole the spotlight from the Hub while exposing them as humorless cop-calling frauds. Seeing Karlson from ZLX waddle around Kirk while Minihane screamed “Me too” was radio gold.

Lastly, on a personal note, I would like to apologize to Kirk for not reining him in as some people may have been offended by his display of radio genius.”

Ken Laird, senior producer: “It's not often this happens, but I agree with Kirk: he had some kind of a higher calling that morning. I know Kirk is not a religious man, but he was drawn to a light of some kind emanating from Brand X across the street. In hindsight I can only think God wanted to punish not only Michael Felger, but also Kevin Karlson from the Karlson & McKenzie show. To watch Kirk engage with that latter face of terror -- and stand tall despite adversity fondling him -- was to say the least inspirational. This was Kirk's Pilgrimage, and it won't soon be forgotten in the annals of history.”


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