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Kyrie Irving says he has astrological connection with Gordon Hayward: ‘We have some personality things that we’re aligned with’

Lucy Burdge
December 01, 2018 - 10:42 am

Kyrie Irving is a fountain of quotes and he had some deep thoughts on Friday night about Gordon Hayward.

Irving recently told Hayward he has to be more aggressive at a recent practice and said he did so because the two teammates have a connection.

“Yeah, I mean we’re born on the same day,” Irving said of Hayward. “I don’t know if you believe in astrology or anything like that, we have some personality things that we’re aligned with and I think he has that ticker inside of him. I remember Coach (Mike Krzyzewski) telling me, you know, Gordon has a little bit of asshole in him. And he needs that. That toughness where he starts turning red and he starts getting into the basketball, getting out in transition and dunking the basketball and start doing those things.”

“You know, that’s the Gordon we’re used to seeing and I’m just going to continue to give him that confidence as well as just let him be a veteran in this league and figure it out,” he continued. “So I’m just proud of him, I’m proud of the steps he’s making.”